Astro Raman

I have been practicing astrology from last 14 years and professional front almost 10 year after pursuing Astrology Diplomas and Advance study from AHSAS, New Delhi.

Understanding of chart

Birth Sign – Planets – houses

with ongoing experience and undergoing 1000’s of charts i found out that the janam kundli chart is the talent chart what god has given us and what we lack.5117bb628a5ed7a94c64b0506eae5bfa

what are the problems that we will faceĀ  during the course of time, when we will get job, when will we get married , will i be able to get the government job , my child is facing study problems. why is my business going down etc.

where as yearly chart is the destiny chart which helps identify our destiny is going too and the problems that we will face during that year. so guiding the yearly chart problems with yearly remedies has helped me get very good result.

Janam kundli gives us different light on our life and yearly chart gives us to go through problems that would come during that year.

Analyzing your charts and the predicting and giving remedies is all i do and the life gets on track as you preform it.